Ciao Bella Collection

I'm not sure if it's growing up with my cousins who were/are brothers to me, running down on beautiful girls and women at a young age in front of my Great Grandmother's house in Brooklyn. Or was it being raised by so many strong confident beautiful women like my mother + grandmothers + my aunts. Nah maybe it was the amazing relationships I've had with the women in my life I was blessed to come across, not all of them sweet but all beautiful. Shit I can't forget the hiccup in Basic Military Training where I couldn't even talk to any women... torture.

But all in all I love women for so many reasons, may be an obsession. I feel our connection is absolute and ethereal if I label you my muse. To any broken hearts I may have passionately kept pieces of I hope the artwork I put you in is a symbol of our connection. But enough about that... this collection is a museum dedicated to my muses, Cufflink is bigger than me, Ciao Bella

- Lavan Wright

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